Isle Of Nightmares

The Beginning: Kobold Frenzy

Young, inexperienced, and confused, our adventurers found themselves in a dark cave, lit by the glow of candles in sconces in the wall. They did not know their companions or the place they had appeared in, torn from their old lives in a sudden flash. Before them lay a table turned on its side, with the heads of small scaly creatures that they could tell were kobolds bobbing up and down behind it. Quiet chitterings could be heard. Without thought for their own safety, and with what some would call downright stupidity, the three strangers threw themselves into battle with these enemies. There were eight spear-wielding kobolds and two slingers, all crouched behind the table, but the fearless party charged towards the table (except for our eladrin rogue, who wisely hung back a bit and directed his sneak attacks at the distracted slingers).

The half-elf warlock and the dragonborn fighter got off to a shaky start, badly missing the puny kobolds behind the table. Soon the kobolds had them surrounded, but the acid breath of the dragonborn wounded them grievously, alongside the eldritch powers wielded by the warlock. They were relentlessly bombarded by slingshot, but nearly every one missed. Meanwhile, the rogue was hammering at the slingers and spearmen alike, and dealing out some pretty effective damage. The fighter managed on occasion to hit two kobolds at once with her mighty two-handed sword.

Suddenly, in an inspired move, the rogue somersaulted flawlessly over the table whilst flinging a shuriken at one of the kobold slingers, catching it directly in the throat and causing its death.

The kobold numbers were ever diminishing, but the cornered enemy could not run, but only fight. Finally, the three adventurers finished all of them off, and could take their loot, well rewarded for their efforts. Turning to the cave exit, they awaited whatever fate would bring them next…


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